your business site should have a blog

Simplu. Your business site should have a blog and here is why.

Why your business site should have a blog

Blogging seems to make the online world go round these days; everyone seems to have dabbled in blogging, to varying degrees of success.

Personal blogging is one thing, though, but what are the benefits of having a blog page on your business site? In short, they can be great, providing the content is unique, relevant, and worth reading.

Blogging and digital marketing

A regularly (perhaps weekly) updated blog gives any customer visiting your website the ability to learn more about not only your business and the services you provide but also about the sector in which you operate. Topical news stories, customer satisfaction case studies, and, where applicable, product evaluations, can all be featured in a business blog. Keeping content relevant is a must, and updating at regular intervals is also important – there are few things more disappointing than discovering a blog you enjoy only to find out that the “most recent” post is from six months ago. The blog will also have a positive effect on any related social media accounts (aka digital marketing), as the content can be automatically shared on these pages, meaning followers also benefit from regular content.

Setting up

Setting up a business blog is easy. Most sites will have the option to add a page that can be used by the blog, then all you need is ideas! These can come from anywhere, so do your research, make sure none of your content is duplicate, and get scheduling. Try and aim to write six months’ worth of content before you publish the first blog post (at one a week; 24 posts in total); this gives you plenty of breathing space when it comes to thinking up new ideas to blog about, and guarantees regular content. The first six months is crucial in terms of finding new readers and your aim is to keep them interested and coming back for more, even more so than going on to attract new readers. One loyal reader is worth so much as they will then spread the word either in person or by sharing across social media.

We can help

Let us guide you through the steps to setting up your own blog. We can even write your blog posts for you!

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